​Financial Aid Advising

The MSTI Director and Teacher Outreach Ambassadors hosted information sessions and disseminated information on financial aid incentives such as TEACH Grants, Cal Grants, Pell Grants, State University Grants, Middle Class Scholarships, student loans, on-and off-campus scholarships and federal loan forgiveness program for teachers.  The MSTI Director provided one-on-one financial aid advising and support, and worked closely with the campus Financial Aid office to increase TEACH Grant allocations to Stan State teacher candidates.  TRRP/MSTI sent TEACH Grant flyers electronically (via Postmaster) to all undergraduates and credential students and hosted four TEACH Grant information sessions. Posters and flyers were printed and disseminated to all math and science departments, as well as, English, History, Kinesiology, Child Development, Modern Languages and Liberal Studies departments.  TEACH Grant Posters were placed at well-trafficked locations on campus and TEACH Grant presentations were provided to SCTA, Biology, Geology, Chemistry, Math and Mini-Corps club members. TEACH Grant information was sent to Education Faculty (to share with students/encourage them to apply).  One-on-one TEACH Grant information and advising were provided by a Financial Aid advisor and the MSTI/TRRP Director, which included, among other things, assisting students (recipients and potential recipients) with identifying high-need schools in our region. The TRRP/MSTI Director served as liaison between students and the Financial Aid Office to pre-qualify students. (CSU Stanislaus)

Undergraduate, Credential Student, Math, Science
Strategy type:
Advising and mentoring, Advertising, Financial assistance, SCTA and other clubs