Advisor name
Dr. Cristian Aquino-Sterling
Advisor title
Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Diversity and International Affairs, San Diego State University
Advisor bio

Dr. Aquino-Sterling is currently engaged in two lines of research. The first examines 21st century innovations in language/bilingual teacher education theory, curriculum and pedagogies devised for preparing P-12 teachers capable of meeting the educational needs of minoritized linguistically diverse students across programmatic approaches (general/mainstream and bilingual/dual language). The second employs contemporary social theory and discourse analytic methods to understand the logics of “ideology critique” in advocacy and critical discourses of education emerging as resistance to neoliberal, hyper-capitalist, and post-truth dynamics. Dr. Aquino-Sterling is passionate about facilitating opportunities for prospective and current teachers across programmatic approaches to development knowledge, competencies, and dispositions where fostering human diversity is seen as vital for advancing relevant educational projects and more just world societies. 

Advisor affiliation
San Diego State University