We do not live in an equitable society. The California State University is committed to doing our part to end the systemic oppression that is at the root of inequality by diversifying the teacher workforce in California. Under the direction of the CSU deans of education, the CSU Educator Quality Center, in partnership with WestEd and the Carnegie Center for the Advancement of Teaching, is facilitating the Learning Lab to Close the Teacher Diversity Gap, where educators from five campus teams use the tools and frameworks of improvement science to learn together how to level the playing field for aspiring teachers from underrepresented groups. During the webinar, leaders from the five campus improvement teams will share emergent learnings from evidence-based changes they are testing to drive systems improvements that produce more equitable learning environments and outcomes for aspiring teachers from all backgrounds.

CO Learning Lab to Close the Teacher Diversity Gap
Event date
Paul Tuss (Director, EdQ), Ginger Adams Simon (Data and Improvement Coach, EdQ)
• Dr. Julie Gainsburg, Cal State Northridge
• Dr. David Sandles, Cal State Bakersfield
• Dr. Libbi Miller, Humboldt State University
• Dr. Heather Horsley, Fresno State University
• Dr. Briana McCaul-Ronan, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
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