Join this national panel of specialists in ethnic identity development as they share how schools and colleges of education can design programs to respond authentically to the need for ethnic identity development in teacher education.  Teacher educators and classroom teachers will learn how to prepare themselves for guiding their students on the exciting journey of ethnic identity exploration in education.

Creating Teacher Education Programs that Respect the Ethnic Identities of All Students
Event date
Event time
10:00 AM to Noon
Dr. André J. Branch
André J. Branch - Associate Professor (San Diego State University)
Christine Sleeter - Professor Emerita (California State University Monterey Bay)
Carolina Valdez - Associate Professor & Department Chair, Elementary & Bilingual Education (California State University Fullerton)
Detris Adelabu - Clinical Professor, Counseling Psychology & Applied Human Development (Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development)
Brandon Yoo - Associate Professor, School of Social Transformation and Faculty Lead, Asian Pacific American Studies (Arizona State University)
Dr. Antoinette Linton - Subject Area Coordinator for Secondary Science, Associate Professor (California State University Fullerton)
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