STEM Outreach Activities

​These activities consist of: (1) year-round email blasts out to STEM and liberal studies majors via the Blackboard listserves accessed by the respective Chairs;  (2) posting flyers at strategic locations around campus with tear-away tabs printed with the MSTI website and contact phone number.  (3) placing an ad in the Pioneer Newspaper that goes to all students at the beginning of the school year;  (4) tabling at events;  (5) social media notifications to communicate updates on opportunities for future K-12 science teachers including MSTI and STEM Facebook pages;  (6) postings about MSTI and related opportunities on CSUEB Financial Aid and Scholarships web pages, CSUEB Current Student web page, and CSUEB Academic Advising and Career Education (AACE) TV;  (7) synergy with the Institute for STEM Education, and  (8) including The Math and Science Teacher (MAST) Scholarship application online, along with all other University scholarships, through a common portal, to make it easier for students to fill out the forms, and easy to put links on department websites. This accounted for an uptick in the number of applications for scholarships we received.​ (CSU East Bay)​

Undergraduate, Math, Science
Strategy type:
Advising and mentoring, Advertising, Social media, Financial assistance, Recruitment fairs, Special events