Supporting LGBTQ Youth of Color


This site has a series of reports titled, "Erasure and Resiliance: The Experiences of LGBTQ Students of Color."

Each report includes information on the experiences of LGBTQ students of color in middle and high school, examining indicators of negative school climate as well as supports and resources, including:

  • Feelings of safety at school regarding personal characteristics
  • Experiences of racist and anti-LGBTQ harassment and assault from peers
  • Effects of a hostile school climate on educational outcomes and psychological well-being
  • Reporting harassment and assault to school staff and family members, and these adults' responses
  • Experiences of school disciplinary action
  • School resources and supports, including student clubs, supportive educators, and inclusive curriculum
Cultural diversity, Gender diversity, Inclusive practices, Social justice, Anti-bias education, Social emotional learning, Sexual orientation, Antiracist Teaching, Family Diversity
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