Critical Family History


This set of resources were developed by Dr. Christine Sleeter from CSU Monterey Bay. The prevalence of individualized stories set within simplistic white narratives is a huge concern for those of use who work with teachers. Teachers should know themselves, including their own roots. Yet, noncritical approaches to exploring roots reinforce selective memory, with its dangerous impact on how white teachers understand the racially diverse communities in which they may work. Critical family history as memory work interrogates the interaction between family and historical context. The most powerful place to begin is to ask: For any family unit in one’s own history, given specific times and places, who else was around? Who else could have been around but wasn’t, and why? What were the relationships among socio-cultural groups in specific contexts where one’s ancestors lived?

Cultural diversity, Equity, Social justice, Anti-bias education, Interrogating Privilege, Family Diversity, Immigration/Migration
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